At Candle Spa, each treatment is a celebration of indulgence and well-being, promising a retreat where every moment is dedicated to your relaxation and radiant beauty.




Signature Treatment

90 MIN. | €99.00

The treatment begins with a sand and honey scrub that purifies the skin and opens the pores, preparing it for the next step. The wrap is made with seaweed high in iodine, one of the region’s most recognized resources. To finish, a full body massage with lemongrass and eucalyptus essential oils for you to immerse yourself in the region’s flora. After the treatment, enjoy an infusion.

Facial Treatment

50 MIN. | €75.00

In-depth assessment of your skin and an exclusive treatment for your needs.

Scottish Shower

10 MIN. | €15.00

Invigorating massage, performed through a hot water jet that rhythmically and intensely impacts the body. A preferred technique, ideal for revitalizing and toning muscles.

Vichy Shower with Exfoliation

60 MIN. | €70.00

Perfect combination of the benefits of the Vichy Massage Shower with a gentle full-body exfoliation with Vitamin C scrub that removes dead cells, leaving the skin hydrated and silky.

Vichy Shower with Massage

30 MIN. | €40.00

Relaxing full-body massage under a shower with low-pressure hot water jets. This treatment has a sedative, contracture-relieving, and calming action, promoting relaxation and stress relief.

Body Treatments

Marine Scrub

30 MIN. | €40.00

Natural body scrub for gentle removal of dead cells that will energize through marine salts and help refine, purify, and oxygenate your skin.

Walnut Shell Scrub

30 MIN. | €40.00

Gentle body scrub for gentle removal of dead cells that will help refine and nourish the skin.

Detox Wrap

60 MIN. | €70.00

The complete treatment to decongest and cleanse your body of toxins through the
properties of seaweed. This treatment is finished with a gentle massage to relax the body and soul.

Nourishing Wrap

60 MIN. | €70.00

This treatment is ideal for hydrating and regenerating the body. It helps hydrate and improve the texture of your skin, giving it a healthy appearance.

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