With a panoramic view over the mouth of the river,

in a welcoming and refined environment,

you will find a menu of Mediterranean flavors and of traditional Portuguese cuisine,

that will allow you to enjoy a unique experience!


In addition to the flavors of traditional cuisine, let your palate get lost in the irresistible flavors of Bacalhau à Porta do Sol or the delicious Naco à Porta do Sol.

The Restaurant has a comprehensive list of Portuguese wines and a wide selection of other excellent wines from around the world. The restaurant pays special attention to the combination of wine and gastronomy.

Groups and Events

The Espelho D`Àgua Restaurant presents the ideal conditions for holding Special Events!

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Everyday — From 7:30p.m. till 10.30p.m.

Piano Bar

The Piano Bar evokes a warm and characteristic atmosphere. It offers the possibility of choosing various drinks or light meals from a wide list.

The attentive staff at the Hotel Porta do Sol are available to advise you.

The Piano Bar is open daily from 1:30 am to 11 pm, and from 10:30 am to midnight on Saturdays.

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