At Candle Spa, every moment is dedicated to your serenity, creating a sanctuary where the warm glow of candles and the touch of a specialist combine to transport you to a state of ecstasy. Welcome to a world where relaxation is an art form, and your well-being is our priority.


Relaxation Massage

50 MIN. | €60.00

The complete treatment to decongest and cleanse your body of toxins through the properties of seaweed. This treatment is finished with a gentle massage to relax the body and soul.

Future Mom Massage

50 MIN. | €60.00

Prenatal massage specially designed for pregnant women in the second or third trimester, aiming to relax, calm nerves, relieve tired legs, back, and muscle pain resulting from the accumulated weight. A special treat to be enjoyed from head to toe…

Lymphatic Drainage

50 MIN. | €60.00

Aims to stimulate and facilitate the passage of lymph through the circulatory system. Lymphatic drainage consists of a massage with gentle movements, maintained at a slow pace.

Hot Candle Massage

50 MIN. | €60.00

This ritual is performed with exclusive fragrances tailored to the client. With a nourishing, toning, and moisturizing effect on the skin; it is the perfect combination of massage techniques and the power of heated candles for body balance.

Shaping Massage

50 MIN. | €65.00

Shaping massage is a massage with stronger and deeper movements, aiming to reach deeper layers of the skin. The main purposes of shaping massage are to activate local metabolism, increase blood circulation, and stimulate neuromuscular responses, giving the impression of a lighter body.

Sports Massage

50 MIN. | €65.00

This massage is great for preparing, recovering, and toning the muscle mass, especially for those who engage in physical activity regularly. It increases blood circulation, elongates muscle fibers, and helps eliminate toxins, such as lactic acid, that accumulate in the muscles.

Holistic Massages


45 MIN. | €45.00

Therapeutic massage that uses pressure techniques on vital points on the sole of the foot, which relate to specific organs or parts of the body, acting as preventive or curative therapy.

Bamboo Therapy

55 MIN. | €60.00

Massage with a relaxing and anti-cellulite effect. In addition to acting on skin flaccidity and hydration, it helps improve the silhouette of your body through superficial sliding, undulation, and drainage performed with bamboo.

Ayurvedic Massage

50 MIN. | €60.00

Ayurvedic massage combines vigorous movements throughout the muscle mass, along with sliding and stretching maneuvers, providing great relaxation, stimulating muscles and blood circulation, releasing toxins trapped in the tissues and muscles of our body.

Hot Stone Massage

50 MIN. | €65.00

Recommended therapy to combat tension and relieve fatigue throughout the musculature. The combination of heated volcanic stones in gentle movements promotes deep relaxation and relief of tension and muscle pain. Promotes muscle relaxation, inducing a soothing and relaxing sensation.

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