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Meet our team.

A team with vast experience and many years of experience, carefully chosen to provide a quality service. Continuous training is important, as is each person’s personal development. Meet the faces of our departments.

Gonçalo Lemos Nunes

Gonçalo Lemos Nunes is the General Manager of Hotel Porta do Sol, and is known for his warm and authentically Madeiran personality (his origins are from the beautiful Madeira Island in Portugal). As a director, we highlight his closeness to the team, demonstrating a genuine commitment to the well-being and development of each member.

His management approach is based on availability and attention to detail, demonstrating an interest in listening to and supporting employees. His admirable ability to manage conflicts is remarkable, as he approaches delicate situations calmly and sensitively, looking for solutions that benefit everyone involved on common ground and resolving all issues in a fair and balanced way, maintaining a harmonious environment in any context. 

The Director’s demeanor combined with his affable personality contributes to the welcoming and familiar atmosphere at Hotel Porta do Sol. Staff and guests often appreciate his charisma and attentive approach, which reflect the warmth and hospitality of Madeiran culture in our Minho Coast.

Fátima Laranjeira

Fátima Laranjeira is a notable figure at Hotel Porta do Sol, working in housekeeping department for over 13 years, being the manager for over 8 years. 

Her dedication and commitment to the hotel are unparalleled as she has invested a significant part of his life and energy into the project since its restart in 2010. Fátima is recognized for her extensive and in-depth experience in housekeeping.

Their comprehensive knowledge is invaluable to the efficiency and quality of hotel cleaning and housekeeping services. The emotional connection with Hotel Porta do Sol is evident, as she has witnessed and contributed to changes and improvements over the years. We greatly admire her commitment and passion for work, which can be seen in her attention to details and continuous search for excellence in each room and space in the hotel.

Fátima is a source of inspiration for the team, demonstrating persistence, resilience and a deep commitment to quality of service. She is a natural leader, guiding all members by imparting her knowledge and passion. In addition to her professional skills, Fátima is known for her affable personality and her ability to create a welcoming and positive environment.

Her presence is reassuring and very important for staff and guests, as it not only ensures cleanliness, but also helps to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in the hotel. Fátima Laranjeira is more than just the housekeeping housekeeper, she is a fundamental pillar of the Hotel Porta do Sol, personifying the dedication, commitment and essential spirit of the hotel that has reinvented itself and grown over the years.

Teresa Aldeia Nova

Teresa Aldeia Nova is the chef at the Espelho d’Água restaurant at the Hotel Porta do Sol since 2010, initially known for her more reserved and shy spirit and who over the years, flourished not only as a chef, but also as a leader within the kitchen of the Hotel.

Her growth and evolution in the kitchen are remarkable. Teresa demonstrated an innate talent for cooking, but it was her determination, passion and dedication that led her to hone her culinary skills. In addition to her development as a cooker, Teresa surprised everyone by being able to guide other members of the kitchen team in her tender way, sharing her knowledge and inspiring colleagues with her discipline and enthusiasm for work.

Today she is a respected figure in the kitchen, capable of coordinating the team and assuming leadership responsibilities in times of pressure, whilst remaining calm and efficient. Her journey of personal and professional overcoming serves as an inspiration to everyone who knows her, her growth as a chef and leader is a testimony to the potential for growth and evolution within Hotel Porta do Sol.

Andrea Salvador

Andrea Salvador is the manager of the Candle Spa at Hotel Porta do Sol since 2013. She is known for being an extremely communicative person, she loves talking and interacting with guests and the team.

Her communication is a striking feature that helps her incredible dedication and commitment to the Spa’s tasks. Andrea is a very committed leader, always attentive to the latest news, seeking to improve the techniques offered on the Candle Spa menu.

Constantly looking for and introducing new approaches, treatments and techniques, always aiming to improve the customer experience, we cannot remain indifferent to her passion for staying current, which makes her an admired figure for both spa staff and hotel guests, who often return to enjoy the new features presented. Her attention to detail and dedication contribute significantly to the success of the Candle Spa at Hotel Porta do Sol.

Maria Ana Dantas

Maria Ana Dantas is an exemplary employee at the Hotel Porta do Sol. She began her activities as a receptionist, demonstrating from an early age an exceptional and incredible organization of her work.

Over time, her professional ethics and skills stood out, allowing her to advance to the position of assistant in the commercial area. Her transition not only demonstrates her ability to learn and adapt, but her sense of responsibility, seeking new challenges and improving her skills.

At the same time, her previous reception experience has given her a unique understanding of guest demands, which is reflected in her customer-focused approach to business. Maria is a respected and valued figure within the hotel team, and her inspiring journey is an example for other employees, showing how dedication can result in growth opportunities within the company.


Anabela Ventura

Anabela Ventura is font-desk assistant at the Hotel Porta do Sol and the oldest member of staff, having a long and distinguished history at the service of the Hotel Porta do Sol.

Since the early days, Anabela has always stood out for her organization in work and her ability to always carry out her duties with a smile on her face. Her years of work have made her an iconic figure among the hotel’s frequent customers. Many of them know her personally due to her stay and the exceptional service she offers.

Anabela is recognized for her warm, attentive and professional approach when dealing with guests. Her ability to remember each guest’s personal details is remarkable, which creates a feeling of familiarity and welcome for those who return to the hotel. Anabela plays a key role in maintaining Hotel Porta do Sol’s reputation as a place where guests feel truly welcome and valued.

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