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Attentive to the current trends and needs of the health and wellness treatments market, the product innovation and development team of the Portuguese brand Folha D’Água created, in partnership with the team at Hotel Porta do Sol, a reusable massage candle; thus ensuring the reuse of all packaging.

The ecological solution created is in the reusable container that the Hotel sends to Folha D’Água to clean and recharge with a 100% natural product, which has numerous benefits. “Common to the high concentration of fatty acids and antioxidants, the massage candle protects the skin, fighting the first signs of aging.

While taking care of your skin and your well-being, this candle awakens different sensations and provides moments of relaxation. pure relaxation…”, explains the biologist Bárbara Ferreira who created this product. It should also be noted that the hotel in Caminha is considered one of the best hotels on the Minho coast, located in the heart of the Minho river (between the mountain and the mouth of the Minho river), thus being the ideal place to try out the treatments carried out with this “oriental” massage candle, matching the atmosphere found in the Candle SPA and which brings together the aromas of spices to repair and regenerate the skin, leaving it with a sublime glow.

The preservation of the environment is a responsible attitude in the use of natural resources and are fundamental factors so that we can preserve nature, biodiversity and reduce our ecological footprint. In addition to other daily practices that are environmentally friendly, they also intend to make customers aware of actions that could make a difference.

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